Red Power Roundup 2023 show exhibits will be primarily parked on concrete, both inside modern livestock and exhibit buildings and outdoors. All are accessible by handicap scooters. Some buildings will not be accessible by golf carts, so if walking is a challenge consider renting or bringing a scooter.

Outside vendors selling used parts, etc., will be located on a grass parking lot and, depending on weather, may not be accessible by handicap scooter. Scooters may be rented at the event from Hometown Mobility for $70 a day at the Beef Barn. All reservations are for full day only.

It is highly recommended that patrons reserve these mobility aids to ensure availability. We will hold your reservation all day until you arrive. You can reserve your unit(s) by visiting (which also contains a Frequently Asked Question section) or by phone, 9am-5pm CST daily at 712-938-2029.

***Reservations must be made at least 24 hrs in advance for Scooter rentals. Changes are allowed with in 24 hours as long as we have availability to do so. Cancellation’s we require 48 hours’ notice, there is a $5 cancellation fee per unit per day. If you need a reservation for the same day, you will need to come to one of our tent locations on the fairgrounds and check for availability. A driver’s license, state issued ID, or military ID is required for all rentals. We scan the ID and return to the customer prior to customers leaving with rental
unit. Customers must be 18yrs or older to rent equipment. Cash, credit, or debit cards are accepted. Equipment return times will
be given out at the time of the rental pick-up.

***We hold a limited number of electric scooters to be available for walk-up customers on a first-come first-serve basis. All other and scooters are dedicated for reservations.

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